Thanks, Y’all to Angela from Under the Covers!

This month’s Thanks Y’all shout-out goes to the lovely Angela from Under The Covers Book Blog. Angela co-blogs with three of her friends – Francesca, Annie and Suzanne. The four of them share a passion for reading and they use the blog to express that via reviews and other posts. They offer honest reviews, fun posts, giveaways and author introductions. 


Welcome to Brain Candy, Angela!

First three words that come to your mind when you think of the romance reading community.

Passionate, Engaging and Supportive

Who are your top three auto-read authors?

There are so many auto-reads for me but no question about who the top three are:  J. R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole.

(Looks like we have some real paranormal love going on here!)

What’s next up in your TBR pile?

Well, I literally just finished reading J. R. Ward’s The King and it was pretty awesome.  I’m afraid it will give me a bad book hangover so I have to choose wisely.  I have to pick a book of a different genre.  Maybe Fear for Me by Cynthia Eden or Far Gone by Laura Griffin.  Wish me luck. =)

(I have to say I’m intrigued by The King but haven’t bought it yet. Glad to hear it was awesome because I love Wrath.)

Give us a juicy, fun fact about you!

Let me see.  Hmmm. Nothing juicy but I can tell you a fun fact.  I fall deeply in love with heroes in my book to only fall for another with the next.  I guess like many romance reader, you can call me a bookwhore. =)

(Hmm…sounds to me as though Angela “gets around” ;-) )

Thanks Yall

Speed Round:

Spicy or mild?

Spicy! No doubt about that.

Fly or drive?


Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

Oreos! I’m so addicted to them.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. It’s just easier to do a drive-by posts or comments.

Small town or big city?

Small town. I think if I were younger it would be big city just because of the excitement that goes on there.

Thanks bunches for hanging out at Brain Candy, Angela!

Today is….Safety Pin Day (no fair, you guessed it, didn’t you??). Do you keep a couple in your purse. I admit I probably should because I once busted a dress strap at a wedding and my wardrobe malfunction almost overshadowed the bride :-).


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  1. Delene says

    Fun Interview, I read a few paranormal authors but they have to be more funny then deeply serious. definitely will check out the Blog!

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