If You Like Joan Swan’s Romantic Suspenses, You Will Like…

Hey, y’all! I’m dancing a little jig today because we’re kicking off a new feature here on Brain Candy. I’ve invited both readers and writers to give you their author/book suggestions based on authors you already love. And isn’t that what we all want–more of what we love?

My  guest today is Amy Remus, book blogger and reviewer at So Many Reads. Thanks for kicking off this column, Amy!

If you like Joan Swan’s romantic suspense books, you will really enjoy…

Operation ShebaMisty Evans – Misty’s Super Agent Series started my love for all things CIA. Her characters are strong, determined, always come through and love their kickass heroines that sometimes save the heroes. Misty’s Super Agents will stop at nothing to catch the bad guys and make the world right again. Some even try to save the world. My favorite book in the series so far is Operation Sheba.

Risking TrustAdrienne Giordano – Adrienne writes flawed characters in her Private Protectors Series that sometimes have alpha complexes, yet you love them anyway.  Their witty comments only get them so far before the feisty heroines bring them to their knees.  There is quite a bit of mutual “saving” between the heroes and heroines both physically and emotionally which makes for an entertaining read. My favorite book in the series so far is Risking Trust.

To Russia with LoveChris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey – Chris and Cecilia combine the action packed adventures of an NSA agent and ex-CIA agent in their Countermeasure Series to bring you intriguing stories. They also up the passion level so you get the best of both worlds – adrenaline pumping action scenes and knock your socks off (among other things) intimate scenes. Their characters are not your typical hero and heroine which is one thing I love about their books. My favorite book in the series so far is To Russia With Love.

Fatal DeceptionKatie Reus – Katie’s Red Stone Security Series is one that keeps you on your toes with the action but also hot and bothered over the intimate scenes. Her heroes all have different backgrounds and each bring such individuality to their stories. I love the way they want to protect everyone in a way that doesn’t seem like a hero complex – it’s just who they are to the core. My favorite book in the series so far is Fatal Deception.

Common to all the authors above is the heart and emotion they write into their stories. When I read these authors, by the end of their stories I will feel wrung out as if I lived the story with the characters. I love laughing with the characters and sharing in their heartbreak. I know by the end of the book I will also have experienced their sweet and awesome passion and joy.  Romantic Suspense is such a high.

So Many Reads…so little time is a book blog devoted to helping you pick your next book or new favorite author.  Not only can you read reviews on the latest books coming out, but also get to know authors and their characters through interviews or guest posts. You can also enter giveaways throughout the month for things like gift cards or free books! So Many Reads is managed by Amy but has grown over the past year to include four other reviewers to cover a wide variety of romance genres but also some general fiction and nonfiction books. Check us out today! You could  find your next favorite author.

For those of you who read romantic suspense, what’s your favorite thing about it? For those who don’t, what would it take to get you to try one? One person to comment below will get their choice of one of Amy’s favorite books mentioned above! She will use random.org to choose.

Today is Women in Blue Jeans Day. I’ve been looking for some decent jeans lately. What’s your fave (comfy!) brand?

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  1. says

    Thanks for letting me talk about some great authors and books today, Kelsey! It’s always fun to share something you love!

  2. says

    Amy! Thank you for the shout out! I’m honored to be compared to Joan and all the other fab authors on your RS list. (And you you’re feeding Conrad’s ego…)

    • says

      Adrienne, you had me at Vic really…even though I have Michael’s book as my fave here. It was Vic’s that I read first and loved! :-)

  3. Delene Yochum says

    ;-) Thanks Amy and Kelsey! I’m thrilled!! Oh now which book I wanna read them all! Amy I’ll contact you.


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