If You Like Jill Shalvis, You’ll Like…

Hey, y’all. My friend, contemporary romance author Kimberly Kinkaid, is here with another If You Like… feature. Kimberly writes uber-fun contemporary romances that tend to feature food (yeah, she won me over with that and her hot heroes!). More about her latest release at the end of the post!

If You Like Jill Shalvis…

And let’s face it friends, who doesn’t?! Jill’s writing is funny, her heroines sassy, and her heroes are to die for. The small town charm of her Lucky Harbor books in particular is both welcoming and warm, and her strong secondary characters that appear (and reappear) throughout the series make her books feel like coming home. If you like Jill Shalvis, here are four authors you’ll want to add to your to-be-read list, for sure…

Tracy Brogan - Plainly put, Tracy Brogan writes fun romantic comedy that will keep you up past your bedtime. Her voice is funny and light, her heroes are totally swoon-worthy, and her charm is easily found on every page. Her fabulous secondary characters are the cherry on top. Brogan is a don’t-miss author!

Robin Covington - If you’re looking for sexy sizzle and the hottest of hot heroes, you’re in the right place with Robin Covington. Her “boys are back in town” series has all the allure of a small town setting with all the heat of a fast-paced tale. You’ll fall hard for each leading man—it’s nearly impossible not to want them for yourself!

Candis Terry - Small town charm has never been so sweet…or filled with such sexy men! Terry writes light and poignant stories, with just enough conflict for her characters to work for their happily-ever-afters. You’ll root for Terry’s characters. They’re the perfect blend of sweet and hot.

Kimberly Kincaid - One of my favorite things to do is put sexy on a crash course with sweet, creating characters that meet in the middle of both. By setting my Pine Mountain series in a small town with the big city flair of a ski resort at its center, I wanted to offer the best of both worlds. Sexy, just-broody-enough heroes, definitely feisty, headstrong heroines, and the chance to meet and re-meet everyone as each book goes, I hope you love the Pine Mountain books as much as I loved writing them!

Pushing the Line cover finalKimberly Kinkaid’s Pushing the Line:

Free-spirited artist Harper McGee is happy to go wherever the wind takes her…until her flight pattern sends her back to Brentsville, New York for her beloved grandmother’s funeral. Harper’s grief turns to shock, however, when she discovers her grandmother has named her sole proprietor of her candy shop, Luscious. But she has no intention of being anchored to one place, and anyway, she doesn’t know the first thing about running a kitchen or a business. Selling Luscious is the only viable option— until the shop catches fire due to old wiring. Fixing the damage requires major work, and if Harper wants to put it on the market, she needs major help.

Thrill-seeking firefighter Aaron Fisher has never walked away from a challenge or a friend. So when a fellow firefighter is hurt on a call and can’t complete a side job for his contracting company, Aaron’s quick to jump in. He’s done plenty of fix ‘er ups for his buddy in the past, and despite his silver spoon upbringing and his no-holds-barred attitude, swinging a hammer suits Aaron just fine. That is, until he discovers the client is the same impetuous woman he forcibly dragged from the flames of Brentsville’s local candy shop.

The more time Harper and Aaron spend at Luscious, the hotter their attraction burns, daring them both to shed their tough outer layers to reveal the tender desires beneath. But when a buyer makes Harper the offer of a lifetime, she must choose between roots and wings. Can two people who live in the moment learn to see past the moment, or will Aaron and Harper always live their lives pushing the line?

“Smart, fun, and heartwarming.” –Jill Shalvis

“Kimberly Kincaid knows how to whip up a delicious love story.” –Susan Donovan

Today is National Pie Day. A holiday I can totally get behind (and I bet Kimberly agrees)! I’m partial to coconut creme, buttermilk, and pecan. What’s your fave pie?

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    • says

      Kimberly – thanks so much for being here today! As for Pie Day…it’s nice to be surprised by pie every once in a while, don’t you think? ;-)

      My grandmother likes to put a slice or two of cheddar cheese on her apple pie. Dang, now I want pie for breakfast!


  1. Lorelei says

    I love all the recommendations and I’ve read Tracy Brogan’s books and totally agree! :lol: Now, I need to catch up with the rest! And Jill is awesome! LOVE her series. As for pies, Pecan Pie! :D But I’d love to try a Coconut one :smile:

  2. Debbie Oxier says

    Chocolate cream pie definitely, and not the pudding kind. All from scratch. Thanks for introducing us to Kimberly. Will check out her books!

  3. Amber Tinsley says

    I love all of these ladies and their books. As for my favorite pie…man oh man I don’t know. I love Bourbon Pecan Pie. But then again I don’t think you can go wrong with any type of homemade pie. It’s the love and work that hoes into them that make even the worst pies good…we’ll as ling ad they don’t have butterscotch…deathly allergic.


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