Red Hot Read: Crazy Thing Called Love by Molly O’Keefe


I haven’t done a Red Hot Read post in way, way too long. Probably because I’ve been focused on the If You Like posts this year. (If you haven’t checked those out yet, please get to it. Some of your favorite authors and readers are recommending authors they LOVE!) Well, I’ve had a chance to read a […]

Problems with Writing Problems in Paradise…


After all the hullabaloo (I love that word) of release week, I figured it was time for me to ‘fess up about how freaking HARD writing Problems in Paradise was. First, this was the first book I wrote from start to finish under contract. And heck, I’d written something like six books before that. I […]

Release Day! Problems in Paradise

Problems In Paradise Cover - Final

Hey, y’all, guess what day it is? Nope, not Hump Day. It’s release day for Problems in Paradise, the third book in my Texas Nights contemporary romance series – whoop! Yes, I’ve now experienced four release days in the past 11 months, but I totally understand when veteran authors say they (the release days, not […]