7 Ways the South is the South—from Texas to Virginia (because, I’m sorry, but Maryland isn’t the South)


I’ve pondered this question more than a bit since moving to Georgia almost two years ago. I would argue Texas (my home state) is part of the south rather than the southwest as some other folks say. Then again, I was raised in northeast Texas (home of the old cotton plantations). The folks out in […]

Thanks, Y’all to Angela from Under the Covers!


This month’s Thanks Y’all shout-out goes to the lovely Angela from Under The Covers Book Blog. Angela co-blogs with three of her friends – Francesca, Annie and Suzanne. The four of them share a passion for reading and they use the blog to express that via reviews and other posts. They offer honest reviews, fun posts, […]

How Do Authors Choose What to Work on Next?

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In early February, I turned in the final book in the Texas Nights series, Designed for Love. Other authors are aware the book isn’t done-done at that point. I still had developmental, line, and copy edits to go. But it was time to figure out what project to work on next because as soon as […]