4 Back-to-School Supplies I Can’t Live Without


Holy guacamole, y’all, it’s the end of July! Where the heck did the summer go? As a writer, I love the back-to-school time of year (and no, not just because Smarty Boy is out of the house!). Because back-to-school means…school supplies! Cheap school supplies. Around this time, I try to stock up on the office […]

Monday Inspiration – Is Faster Always Better?

Quote - Go faster

My high driver’s ed teacher use to warn us “Don’t outrun your headlights.” What he meant was we shouldn’t drive so fast that we wouldn’t have enough reaction time to stop if something was in front of the car. Sometimes, we drive so fast through life that we don’t take time to look at all the […]

Red Hot Read: Crazy Thing Called Love by Molly O’Keefe


I haven’t done a Red Hot Read post in way, way too long. Probably because I’ve been focused on the If You Like posts this year. (If you haven’t checked those out yet, please get to it. Some of your favorite authors and readers are recommending authors they LOVE!) Well, I’ve had a chance to read a […]

Problems with Writing Problems in Paradise…


After all the hullabaloo (I love that word) of release week, I figured it was time for me to ‘fess up about how freaking HARD writing Problems in Paradise was. First, this was the first book I wrote from start to finish under contract. And heck, I’d written something like six books before that. I […]