Thanks Y’all to Delene Yochum from Just The Write Stuff

Thanks Yall

Today, I’m happy-happy-happy to have Delene Yochum from Just the Write Stuff hanging out here on Brain Candy. Delene is a sweetheart of the first water. She makes me laugh on a regular basis, and one of these days, we’re gonna meet in person. Shenanigans WILL ensue. Welcome to Brain Candy, Delene! Please give a […]

How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

Happy Birthday

There’s only one bad thing about birthdays…getting older. When I was a kid, I’d look forward to my birthday all summer. The only downer being school would already be back in session. But, on the up side, the Gregg County Fair almost always hit the week of my birthday. And if a rodeo, stuffed animals, […]