Problems in Paradise

Problems in Paradise
Series: Texas Nights, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Year: July 2014
A sexy sheriff candidate and a woman with a scandalous secret that could trash his election chances.
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Book Overview

Eden Durant hasn’t always been Eden Durant. Hiding her secrets, she’s made a fresh start in Shelbyville, Texas, far from her mother’s notoriety. Running the Paradise Garden Café is as much excitement as Eden wants. Or it was, until she met Beck Childress. Although he’s the one man who could expose her past, she’s willing to open up enough to see if he might be her future.

Chief Deputy Beck Childress is determined to get to know the real Eden, when he isn’t busy cleaning up after the sheriff and running in the election to replace him. When several men fall sick after eating in her café, he investigates even as her mysterious past raises both his suspicions and his protective instincts.

Their relationship heats up, as do the pressures of Beck’s election campaign. Eden’s secrets are revealed, jeopardizing his dream of becoming sheriff, and he realizes someone is targeting her restaurant and reputation. He must choose—serve and protect the town he loves or the woman who makes it home.

“Starring a sexy lawman and a woman with a scandalous secret, a deliciously fun read.” - Shannon Stacey, New York Times bestselling author


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