8 Primo Gifts for Readers – 12 Days of Christmas Gifts Extravaganza

Oh, yippee – the day we’ve all been waiting for! Yep, it’s gifts for readers day!

I probably could’ve based the entire Gift Extravaganza on reader gifts, but I’m trying to be fair and considerate to others in the world (poor, sad non-readers that they are). But today, it’s all about you and me and everyone else who has an unnatural affection for libraries, paperbacks, hardbacks, bookshelves, Kindles, Nooks, and the backs of cereal boxes.

Read on for primo reader gifts!

How about this yummy ombre throw for snuggling down with their fave author’s latest release? (Yes, I have a thing for blankies. Don’t judge me.)

We’re book nerds and damned proud of it! Shout it to the world with these fun bookends.

If your reader is also a caffeine imbiber, this French press cup will make her day!

I love the look of these fun library catalog card notecards. (BTW – it’s showing these are out of stock right now :-( )

I don’t have a stand for my iPad (which is what I read my ebooks from), but this could do the trick!

Jewelry is always welcome, and these pendants are A-dorable!

Consider a book-of-the-month gift. You send your loved one a new book (either e-book or physical book) once a month. Smarty Boy and I did this for my mom one year for her birthday and it was so fun to pick out the book each month!

I’m weird, it’s true. But I’m in total LUST with these rolling book carts. They’re a splurge, but totally reasonable for a bookcase. And they come in all kinds of fun colors!

Oh, today we celebrate two great holidays: International Ninja Day and Bathtub Party Day. I have no idea what a bathtub party might entail, but I figure you could invite your ninja friends and have a ball!

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  1. Mary Wild says

    :lol: Shocked how much our tastes are alike! I have looked at all those things but one. Not a coffee drinker, tea is my forte’. I am such a book nerd! Those rolling carts aren’t cheap. Now, see, you’ve got me in that mood. I call it the wantsits! I try to quell that mood and be giving, but sometimes it just creeps up and grabs me.

    • says

      Mary –

      I agree those rolling carts are pricey, but bookcases are insanely expensive! I sure wish non-readers really understood all the things us readers would love ;-).


  2. Cynthia E. Blain says

    What a wonderful selection of items you found. I am going to look into one of the rolling cart book shelves, but the problem is where to put it. We downsized when we retired and now we are back to too many books again, so I desperately need more shelving, etc.

    Thanks for showing us what kind of items are out that they we didn’t even know we needed/wanted before. :)

    Happy Holidays ladies.
    Cynthia B

  3. kris b says

    OMG I love that rolling book cart! :-) I found you through nancy but i’m working on my tbr pile and your in it! ;-)

  4. Chris Bails says

    Wow, some pretty cool gifts. I love the rolling cart and also the NERD bookends. I would definitely put by TBR pile on this.

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