5 Gift Ideas for the Young and Young-at-Heart – 12 Days of Christmas Gifts Extravaganza

Maybe this one doesn’t sound so hard because there are bazillions of toys in the world, right? Well, if you don’t have kids of your own or it’s been a while since you bought for the young-uns, buying for the under-10 set can be intimidating.

Good news is many of these kids’ gifts could also work for the young at heart or the creatives in your life!

Just looking at this Spirograph picture takes me back to my childhood. How many of you remember those cool colored pens? Yeah, now I want one of these.

What little boy wouldn’t love playing with these zombie “army men” vs. zombie hunters?   (Since Smarty Boy doesn’t read this blog, I’ll tell you that Santa has plans to put those in his stocking!)

For those of you in the snowy climes, these snow (and sand) castle toys could make for some vacation break fun. Yeah, you could get the same effect with boxes and cans, but that’s kind of a lame gift. :-)

Tell me, who can resist a set of markers this big? Bundle it with some art paper for the perfect duo!

Love, love, love the idea of this popcorn popper. Great afternoon snack with regular popcorn rather than the expensive packages. (Yes, you can pop popcorn in brown paper bags, but again, who wants a package of paper bags under the tree??

This is Cookie Cutter Week. I love cookie cutters, but hate making cookies with them. I’m more of a spoon-it-out-and-plop-it-on-the-baking-sheet kinda gal. How about you?

What are you favorite holiday cookies?

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  1. Amber Tinsley says

    I LOVE Spirographs!!!!!!
    When it comes to cookie cutters I love them…but not for cookies. I use them more often than not when I make homemad Biscuits.

    • says

      Amber –

      So many people have commented on the Spirograph. Sounds like we’re all jonesing for one!

      Love the idea of using those cookie cutters for biscuits. I admit I’m a lazy Bisquick biscuit baker. Do you have a great recipe that doesn’t take too, too long?


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